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November 25, 2011
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Start and Finish Date: 01/11/11 – 23/11/11
Time Taken: 46+ hours
As you have all seen through my gallery, that I am currently obsessed with the Robins from Batman. This dress up game has the 4 Robin boys. It is set up in order of the Robins (Richard, Jason, Tim and Damian), usually after the robins is their outfits from TV shows (animated series, Teen Titans and Young Justice) and the game Arkham City. Then the order follows their alternate costumes (Nightwing, Red Hood, Red Robin and Damian’s outfit). I have tried to be as accurate as possible to the outfits. I used the body of Aqualad from Young Justice as a base for the game.

Here is a link to a character chart of the characters in their clothes: [link]

Other dress up games:
Final Fantasy Females v1: [link]
Final Fantasy Females v2: [link]
Final Fantasy Males: [link]
Disney Girls: [link]

Here is the tutorial I used for this dress up game and my Disney one: [link]
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